Depression after breakup? Help?

I'm 23 years old and I think I'm going through depression... My relationship ended after two years he was my first boyfriend first love, since then I am struggling to live my life, I have become so unfocused, so unhappy, stressed all the time, I worry about everything but I'm not being active Iv become so lazy and depressed, I hate everything around me I don't feel good enough, I have such bad thoughts about running away, disappearing, starting a again, Iv become so negative and unhappy. it was 8months since it ended but through out that we spoke and met up went very badly we argued things were said very stressful and depressing situation. He said some things which has made me evaluate myself.. I don't feel good enough I feel like I let people down all the time that I'm lazy that I'm not smart , that's I don't have many good friends, that my family isn't good enough, that I'm not going to be successful cause I'm not that good or smart, I feel like there's people out there doing better than me. I have let myself go so much I don't even look after myself anymore when I used to so much. Iv made soooooo many mistakes I just want to run away!

How do I get out off this situation., really need some help :(
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Ps: we broke up after arguments building up, things about the past, insecurities, differences constant arguing just came to an end, he had enough he said he broke it off.
Depression after breakup? Help?
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