My boyfriend is still talking to his ex girlfriend, what should I do?

Ugh I just feel like crying right now.

Yes, they dated for over a year, but they still talk now. Like on Facebook, she writes on his wall, and he wrote back on hers a couple times, and it's like flirty things talking about funny youtube videos etc. Also, one time when I was with him, we were on the couch and I had my head on his chest and he flipped open his phone and it said 'New Message from _____' (his ex's name)

He then immediately shut it and was like 'oh it doesn't matter, you're more important' and hugged me and then just went back to watching tv.

So, they're still texting and talking basically, and it really bothers me, like insanely (as I said before, I'm about to cry right now)

And today, he hasn't texted me or talked to me all day, but a few hours ago, he writes on his ex's Facebook wall "GUESS WHAT :D" like what the hell ? he can't talk to me about something he's excited about?

What should I do you guys? Or, if your girlfriend/boyfriend was talking with their ex what would you do?

Thanks so much, I'm just so upset right now =(


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  • I'm gonna air on the side of caution that you don't like confrontation. Speak up and tell him where you stand about him and his ex. The more you allow it, the more tears you will shed because this is being drawn out.


    All of this stuff... None of it means that they are trying to get back together. He has made his choice and he is with you, hence the term that he is your boyfriend.

    What you're doing right now, "crying", is reasonable to understand because you probably care about him alot. But when you stop and think about it, he isn't leaving messages like "Jessica would be p*ssed if I were to be talking with you.. We should meet up tomarrow"... *hits head on keyboard*

    You will get through this and survive. Just make sure to speak up and say "John, the next time your gonna oogle at your ex please do so when I'm not around"... He will get a brutal smack across the back of the head that you are getting hostile with the situation and it will open his eyes.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I'd get over it. I talk to all of my ex girlfriends. Just because I broke up with them doesn't mean they're not my friends anymore. In fact they are some of my best friends.

    You need to talk to him about it if it's making you that upset. Trust is a very important thing in a relationship and it sounds like you don't trust him to not cheat on you.

  • This isn't just talking, just keeping up...they are still involved. I would confront him on this and right away.

  • Hes not over her, he might still be hooking up with her. Its hard to get over an ex especially if they keep contacting each other. Its hard, talk to him let him know how you feel, about what you want. Do you want him to stop contacting her etc, how will he react, you can't really be in two relationships at the same time if he is being emotinally attracted but not physically attracted to both of you at the same time...


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  • I can understand how you feel completely. Dealing with the exes of your partner is an issue. Which is kind of why I'm glad that my ex and I pretty much hate each other. It makes it easier on my own boyfriend.

    However, I wouldn't worry too much about him and his ex. The fact that he didn't reply to her text would make me feel better. Maybe keep an eye on them both for a bit, but don't get too suspicious. They're over now, and he found someone new. Just think of her as a guy friend. If you want to talk more, you can send me a message any time and I can tell you a few stories if it helps. :) My own experiences, of course.


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