Should I reply to my ex's voicemail, or ignore it?

I broke up with him months ago, and we stayed friends for a while but he kept wanting more so finally I told him we needed to break off contact and move on with our lives. There's a festival going on in my home town that we both went to last year. He left me a minute long message, and some of the stuff he said was:

"It's been a year since we went out to ___. Thanks for being so amazing, it meant the world to me. Please be safe this weekend, but have a great time..."

"Thanks for everything and for making this last year so special. It meant the world to me and really got me back to square one. I have orders, moving to Idaho after this week so... You take care and have an amazing ___."

Is the polite thing to do to send him a farewell text or something? My hesitation is that he might just want to get back in contact with me, which I don't want.
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Should I reply to my ex's voicemail, or ignore it?
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