Realized ex unblocked me. last time I talked to him he said "get out of my life. I love her, not you. get over me. I'm blocking you" why unblock me?


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  • Maybe he regreted his words. But act as if you were still blocked. Don't go after him

    • what do you think he wants from me?

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    • Lol for real girl tell him boy bye. Is he still with his girlfriend? If he wanted you only for sex back then there isn't anything new you can give him right now, you better than him and the shit he did to you, what a stupid guy. He totally regret his words and actions and let him taste his own poison

    • thanks for the advice hahah you rock!! but as far as I know his girlfriend dumped him

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  • His girlfriend dumped him and now he wants sex.
    Say boy bye! He's not going to change


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