Why is he doing this to my brain?

My ex who I am still completely in love with messaged me last night while I was out at an event.

We met up last week and got along so well. There was still attraction, flirting, friendship and it made me miss him so much. He said that he had a really great time hanging out with me and i thought that maybe it would mean we could be friends! However, I have barely heard from him since. He will send a snap chat and then not reply to my reply, he hasn't messaged or shown any interest in being a part of my life. So I gave up.

Anyway, last night I was at an event and had on my story a video of some act that was on at it. He messaged me "lol where are you?". I didn't respond until about 3+ hours later, to which I said "Just an event". Have had no response, back to silence. He f's up my brain...


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  • Ex's are ex's for a reason darling... Don't get caught up in the fairy tale bull shit that you might spark it up again... At the most you might get laid if he's thirsty... But when its done its done... Block him.

    • We didn't fight or anything he just didn't want a relationship. When we were together we were perfect he just needs to grow up. I don't want to block him because we were friends before anything and we are in the same friend group...

    • Oh... Ookaay.

Most Helpful Girl

  • my ex. is the same way. he calls me every week. i pick up or miss his calls. but to me he is the past. i am just being nice. i never contact him. he still asks about what i ate, shows a lot of care.
    i met up with him this morning. but i don't want to be with him. so i am cool with all that.
    not interested in sex or anything.
    if you feel you need the no contact to move on, block him otherwise, this will hurt you.
    good luck


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  • Why are you talking to an ex? He only wants you as a backup plan till someone else comes along. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it. You young women kill me thinking you can do that lol smh

  • Cut off contact, it's not helping you.


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  • Because he can. You allow him. He wants control over you and he has it.


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