How would you feel if you saw an ex and they ran away from you or obviously was avoiding you?

My ex boyfriend and I got into a nasty argument and broke up, he lives nearby so avoiding him is kinda hard. I was walking down and saw him I got scared that we would start arguing again so I walked away fast and crossed the street. He looked at me and goes "why are you running away"? Then he goes " I didn't do anything to do you" what does he mean by this?


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  • Well, It would actually help prevent the pain I would feel. It could be worse... Would you rather him start a fight?

    • No but that's what I was afraid of.
      What do you think intentions were when he said that to me?

    • I guess for him, the anger/argument blew over and he doesn't have any negative feelings toward you. And since he was OK with seeing you, he was wondering why you ran away.

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  • I would laugh my fucking ass off to the point of crying. Why would they need to run from me? If we're in a public place the last thing I'll do is run up to them and start arguing.

    He likely thought that your reaction was extreme and took it as you assumed he was going to start shit with you when it wasn't his intention.

    • Well his friend warned me prior and told me that was his intention which is why I walked away from him. I don't know what his real intentions were though

    • Well with that information I can see why you avoided him.

    • Lmao yea but then he said all that so now I don't know

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  • Sorry, I don't have ex. Only Filmy crush


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  • only thing he was saying was you are over acting
    and unless here a really bad guy you dont need to run your somewhat acting silly just say hello and keep it moving


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