Have any of you gone back to a girlfriend after getting space?

Just wondering if anyone has got back together or anything once you have cut contact and given your other half space.


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  • As far as I'm concerned people who want to be together don't need "space" to figure this out. You either want to be with him/her or you don't. If you can't figure it out when you're next to them how the hell are you going to decide when you're far? By seeing there's nothing better? No, thanks. I don't want to be someone's backup plan. If you feel the need to be away from them, then it's not really worth being with them.

  • Yup. She realized what she was messing up on and so did I. We talked. And sorted it. And 2 months later we have been back together

    • That's really nice to hear xx

  • We ended it 10 months ago. She was on my mind before I read your question. I wanna go back but I'm not sure she'll take me.

    Life sucks😔

    • Start a conversation with her as she might be thinking the same xx

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    • As long as he's gotten the message that you are sorry. just let him be. If its meant to be it will be.

    • Yeah I emailed it to his work email.
      Will have to see how things go, he doesn't speak to exes again so I've prob been cut off now lol. Xx

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