What does this quote mean?

'I have found that the some of the kindest words I have ever said are the words I have not spoken, silence seems to have it's own vocabulary" -Michael Xavier


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  • Silence speaks louder than words. It communicates without someone actually having to be vocal to get a point across. "Sometimes it's better not to say anything at all" that type of thing.

    Silence can also be passive aggressive, whose the silent one?

    • we both are... im not sure if i should reach out to her because she might think I don't care about the break up and have already moved on or if i should leave it since she wanted time alone

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  • Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is just be there for them. No words needed, just your presence

    • i wish i could agree but it was posted a few days after the break up... i would love to be there for her and fix things but right now i think she just needs a little time and space
      but it confuses me when she puts stuff like this public on her fb
      this quote has so many different meanings its not even funny -_- lol

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  • Sometimes silence is the best thing you can offer someone- better than words or anything else

  • Sometimes you don't have to say a word to get your message across
    Deeds speak louder than words

  • I love that quote.

    • so what does it mean lol

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    • makes since then...
      me ex and i just broke up and she posted a picture with this quote...
      with the caption talk is "cheap"...

    • disregard the spots of the quotes on talk is cheap lol
      its supposed to be "talk is cheap"

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