Why would she post this and make it public? what exactly is she thinking and going through?

so my ex and i broke up almost a week ago... in a nut shell she saw problems that i ignored and she felt the relationship wasn't moving forward anymore... so she said she wanted time alone to grow and the only way to do that is by blocking me out of her life, since as long as I'm anywhere near her she'll want to be with me, so I deleted her on social media to create some distance... since the break we haven't contacted each other...
here's the kicker... she isn't normally active on Facebook but she changed her profile pic form the one that was us to herself... saw it coming, then made her cover photo a pic of her fishing, (seemed really peaceful even though it was an old pic), with a caption that read "cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life" ( i know those are song lyrics but i feel they have some value to the situation). just recently she posted another picture of a quote by Michael Xavier that read "I have found that some of the kindest words I have ever said are the words I have not spoken, silence seems to have it's own vocabulary", again with a caption that read "talk is cheap"... I'm not sure if she's posting anything else since we're not friends but she chose to make that post public.


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  • Not good with relationships but maybe she's trying to make you see that she's happier without you. That she's also certain about it. I'm sorry that you had to go through this, it's not fair

    • if that were the case wouldn't she give me my stuff back thats at her house? and wouldn't she just keep her stuff private with her friends? maybe right now she wants to be happy for herself... i know i did some selfish things in the relationship and chose not to see the problems we were having... i ignored them since when were together the issues were never brought up. I see what i did wrong and can make the changes needed but for now ill give her space to find happiness for herself... Im just afraid that she is gone for good... even though i have to see her during school since well have a class together

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    • Yesss stay positive, radiate your happiness and smile more when you see her (because I'm like 99% sure that's why she fell in love with you in the first place) just stay a gentleman and things will get better

    • well that was the plan lol but school doesn't start for like a month and a half... so until then ill give her space that she wants to figure things out... and when i do see her if she wants to talk we can talk... until then ill give her space and time to think things through and be happy on her own

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  • Breakups are not easy, even for the person initiating the break. There are always mixed emotions going on, conflicting emotions. She's doing a lot of thinking and trying to move on with her life.

    From what you said, it sounds like she didn't want to break up, but saw the relationship as a dead end. Things she saw as problems weren't being addressed to her satisfaction. She needed to move forward. That doesn't mean she wanted to, but saw it as necessary.

    • i know she still has feelings, but in your opinion you think she'll eventually talk about things...
      i know now what problems she saw and I've addressed them and fixed them (the ones i can) since the break up... if she does want to get together in the future i would rather take it slow and just let things happen naturally instead of guessing what the other wants. and actually pay attention to the relationship...

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    • I don't know if she'll change her mind or not. I think you need to play it by ear and see how it goes. I think it's OK to open up communication. I'd take it slow and easy though.

    • yea i was going to leave her alone for a few weeks, to let her think and figure things out and then send a simple message to her...

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  • Now that she doesn't have a boyfriend, she has a lot of extra time to fill. She does so with Facebook, like many of us in the world.


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  • She's full to the brim with shite.

    • yea id say so...
      she told me before she wants time alone to do her own thing and figure herself out...
      we agreed and tried but ended back together after like 2 days lol
      but for now ill give her space and time, hopefully shell come back around...

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