My ex unblocked me on Facebook after telling me to get out of his life because he loved someone else three months ago.. what does he want?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Probably nothing, he has gotten over you and doesn't feel the need to keep you blocked anymore. And you should move on as well.

    • but wouldn't it be easier to just keep me blocked? and if he wanted me out of his life isn't unblocking me just opening the door for communication again?

    • Of course it would be easier to keep you blocked, but perhaps he wanted you to KNOW that he's over you. Otherwise, he would have communicated with you.

    • yes i agree with that but the reason he blocked me wasn't to get over me, it was because he had another girlfriend and she told him to block me. he was already over me by that point

What Girls Said 1

  • He's over you and any drama, and has moved on so unblocking you shows you that there are no more hard feelings between you.

    • he didn't block me to get over me, he was already over me at that point. he blocked me because his new girlfriend told him to.

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