Ending a relationship with a guy whose slow to commitment? How? No communication?

Been dating a guy 5 months, I haven't met his family, he hasn't met mines, he hasn't met my children, he can't tell me when there's no estimate or time frame of when this will happen, I'm wondering where things are going, in the 5 months I've never had a date with him; our dates are in motel rooms and its where he chooses. Intimacy I always please him, but its never the other way around. He took me for granted and is giving me mixed vibes. I want to end it with him, but there's no closure. He's at a distance and I can't talk too him because he won't talk. I've asked him where I stand and he couldn't give me a solid answer. I gave him an ultimatum reassured him that I wouldn't be around long of this continues. He doesn't respect me and he has shown me no effort into where things are going. I don't know if I'm dating this guy or actually done with him there's no closure. Everything is at a standstill.
I don't know how to approach this.. He is ignoring my phone texts. This guy has me confused and now I will move on. I am sick of dating. Sick of these mind games men play. Why I haven't dated in 4 years. I give this guy a chance and now he's playing games. Whew! Why can't men be real and open about what they want?
I am confused because of the vibes he's giving me. Nothing is making sense.


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  • Tell him you're ending the relationship because you're unhappy or he isn't what you're looking for


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  • Just message him saying you've made a decision. Since he's cold anyway it shouldn't matter that much


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