Does he want to break up?

I am dating this guy. He is in the military and he is so sweet😊. He is not like on of them fuckboys that only have sex on their minds. He sought me out and asked permisson to talk to me lol. We hang out a lot he always asks if he can hold my hand or kiss me because he said he doesn't want to make me feel nervous. He is always complementing me but its cute how he says it. "You are so cute... i mean pretty... beautiful!" And he yells it out to everyone. He always wants to do what i want to do no matter how boring it is even if it is just sitting there staring at each other. He said that he only wants to see me and it does not matter what we do. He recently got deployed but before leaving he told me that when he comes back he wants to spend more time with me but he wants to hang out more because he can't text me forever and he was uncertain about our future if we were not able to spend time together. Advice? Im just waiting for him to come back but i dont want us to break up


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  • It sounds like he may be hinting at something more of a permanent nature


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