How can I find someone to date?

I am desperate to forget my crush, who is now having a girlfriend and very happy with her. I try to distract myself with hobbies and all the other possible ways. The mental pain is still so huge... so each day, I'm thinking ways to forget him. I even use dating websites to find someone to date so that I can forget him. Nothing seems to work so far. Is there anyway I can meet someone? I am so new to dating as I've always focused on my study and career.

I'm so tired of this "getting over him" process. It's been so many months I don't see him in person but I still miss him dearly.

Please! Somebody help me :'(


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  • Online dating. There are so many guys out there. Even if you don't meet your forever person on there , you can a ton of options!

    • Thank you April. I tried online dating. But, the guys I like don't seem to be interested in me and I am not interested in those who try to date me on those website :(

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  • Trying to forget your crush by replacing him will not work. Because you'll do things with him that you used to do with your crush and it will just remind you of him more. Moreover you'll end up comparing both often. Your new guy will get sick of it once he finds out.

    • Thank you for your opinion, takumii. I guess... I'm just trying to fill up that "void" I have for not having him.

  • You will use someone to forget someone. It looks sick.

    • I'm not going to use anyone. I'll try to build a relationship with someone properly. The reason it's hard is because I'm not trying to find anyone to substitute him. I'm really looking for someone I can have a proper relationship with.

      I'm asking here because I am truly in pain. If you cannot help, please don't leave any rude and unhelpful comments. I'm sure there are plenty of other spaces on the internet to be freely rude. Thanks.

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    • Thank you.

    • No problem.

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