It's been months and I still have feelings... How can I stop this?

So in the beginning of March my now ex boyfriend broke up with me, I'm 15 so he was really the first guy I had a real relationship with. We were together for only two months but I thought I was in love with him. We only saw eachother 4 times in that span of 2 months, and for a lot of the relationship I wasn't happy. Especially toward the end he had acted like a jerk and I was even at the point I couldn't take it. But here I am, four months to the day and I still miss him like crazy, I still check in on him a lot (in the beginning of April I went to a dance and saw him grinding on another girl, which was the worst possible thing) but I haven't spoken to him since the breakup. I don't know what to do, I get depressed whenever I see a picture of him, and I can deny it all I want but I want him back so badly, even though I was constantly stressed, and upset when we were together... I don't know how to stop this feeling, I've tried to move on but my options are very limited and I just end up stuck on him again.. Does anyone have some advice..


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  • you are 15. that is normal. but realise that it is most likely that you wish to have somebody and project it onto him. he was a jerk and you never saw him. get another boyfriend and you will get over him in a heart beat.

  • just stop it


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