What should I do when I see my ex at the club tomorrow?

Basically I have had the longest and most messy brake up ever, it's been going on for about three months now and although I still love him I think I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that it's over. The only thing is I know for a fact that he's got another girl he's trying to get with, and my suspicions when we were going out was that he was two timing me with her as well. Well tomorrow I'm going out to a friend birthday party at a club where I know he and this girl will be. I want to talk to him and try and say sorry for all the messiness which was mainly down to me not wanting to let go but will this make things worse? If I see him getting with this girl what should I do? I know its going to hurt like hell but I m just so confused because I do want him back even if he has changed. Please help


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  • My advice is to take a date to the party. You will feel so much stronger if you don't have to face this alone. Have a lot of fun with your date.

    When you and your ex make eye contact, give him a big smile, then don't pay any more attention to him. You need to get the message across that you have no ill-feelings towards him, but you're into something else now.

    I'm in the same situation you are. I acted a little "crazy" trying to convince my ex to come back. But, the best way to reverse the damage is through actions and not words. The sad truth is that your ex probably doesn't want to hear your apology. If you approached him to talk, he might even feel a sense of dread.

    You need to pull the carpet from under him by acting confident, happy, and over him. He will not be expecting this.


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