Why do people think that lying to save potential drama is cool?

I am in a rocky relationship about to be over already caught the drift and had it confirmed by an outside source (my mom ) who said she was the daughter in law she always wanted. I have made many mistakes in the course of our time together and at the end of it all always loved her. People I am far from perfect I have self esteem issues health issues which affect my mental state but I hurt when she hurt I cried a lot. I up until today really believed that we could fix things and still do but , She does not. Like always I get the boot but this time is different I physically ache especially as she is just saying she loves me and she doesn't want me to go its killing me. So tired peeps so tired in having false hopes. .. Anyway do you think its the thing you just do to get over him/her?


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  • did you say him/her? which one is it? because male and female operate in different ways..

    • I am a male I and hedro so she is female

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    • Thank you.

    • my pleasure its all about building new happy memories

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  • It could be a lot of reason


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