Why did he do this?

i was seeing him quite a while he told me he cares about me, told me he likes me a lot, when he was drunk told me he could fall for me he seemed a really nice person .

he was 30 I'm 18 we kept having sex I went to his house and stayed all the time, we went out like once, but he did offer to take me out and I no he was always busy because his job.

i told him I had a boyfriend because I did , I stayed his house again and we had sex he knew I had Boyfriend, he also knew I was really depressed and had a lot of problems he asked me to move in with him once and I thought I was pregnant and it would have been his he said that he would want me to keep it , but he thought I was to young.

I asked him why he didn't make no effort when I said I had a boyfriend he said because he thinks I'm better off with someone my age. He said he's to old to play games, and that I only want sex, because I only called him when I wanted to stay then go home the next day.i would never meet him in the day.

He use to text me every minute of the day and he told me he really does care about me and he wants me to be happy.

he didn't have to tell me he liked me all the time I didn't ask him to he just did.

anyway I went home after the day I told him I think I'm pregnant and he asked me to let him no the results.

He kept ringing me everyday,then I took a text and told him it was negative, I never texted him I just replied there's was nothing going on between us really as I had a boyfriend in a way it was just sex, he asked me out before but I didn't answer and change the subject.

Anyway I told him and he texted me "Okay cool I'll ring you later" and then later came and I got a text which said "I'm not going to ring you because I'm not interested in you I'm sorry I can't take your craziness but I'm always here as a friend". Why did he need to do this if there was nothing going on

why did he tell me all the time he cared, he could of just kept letting me come round and having sex with him , he could of just kept me on the side why didn't he do that there was nothing stopping him, I just don't understand it was so out of the blue only the other night he was telling me how much he cares and likes me.


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  • There's a possibility that he did develop real feelings for you, but knew nothing more would develop between the two of you outside of casual sex. The fact that this guy is single and 30, indicates that he's probably ready to settle down. You, on the other hand, are 18 and have a lot more to experience before you get to that stage in life. From your description, it sounds like you didn't have any deep feelings for him, so he really did you a favor. Move on and enjoy this time of your life. As a final note, consider why you are in a relationship with your boyfriend if you feel the need to cheat? If you are unhappy with the course of your relationship with your boyfriend, perhaps now is a good time to try to work on your issues, or possibly end that relationship. Cheating usually causes more harm than it's worth. Best Wishes!



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  • all the signs were there he wanted something more...i mean come on he's 30! that's why dating older men like that is a waste of ur time and their time. All you want is a good time (which is fine because ur young) and what they want is a house wife poppin out a kid (like 95% of them do). so maybe stick with someone around ur age. otherwise prepare a nursery!

  • if you are 18 you more than likely just want to have fun...

    someone 12 years older than you is more than likely ready to settle down and start a family.. if you are not ready for that stick to people who are ur same age... and USE protection! seriously.. if you don't want babies be more careful! and at 18 you shoul dbe having safe sex because you don't know what that other person could be carrying...

  • Well...if you were pregant and he's not runnin away...it's clear enough he is into you so much...but he's 30! there's a long bridge apart u...so if you wanna move on with him,dump ur boyfriend now,coz maybe he wanna a serious relationship,not just havin fun and sexin...If what you can give him is just ur body,then u'd better back out.Don't hurt a guy who loves you indeed...Coz a man in 30 is a real man,he wanna something more than sex,maybe he wanna a marriage...


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