Is this too brutal of a way to get rid of a girl who won't leave me alone?

[Name] , I really enjoyed the time we spent together, but I can't do this anymore. You say you wanted to be with me, and honestly I liked the idea of that a few months ago, but when you said you couldnt decide between Alex and I, I realised that I was in a position I didn't want to be in. If you really wanted to be with me, the decision would have been easy. More and more you messed around and left me not knowing and more and more I started to realise that it was never going to happen. You used me for comfort when you couldnt see Alex, telling me that it would only be for a little bit longer, one way or another. I think that the thing that broke the camels back was when you told me that you thought that you were pregnant. You told me that you would make up your mind and you clearly chose Alex. I dont mind that, he makes you happy, so Im not bitter about that. I'm just so MAD that you didn't tell me that you had chosen Alex over me, instead you fooled about around me and lead me on. I'm done with this. I've come to realise that Im getting nowhere and that I need to change. Im sorry it's taken this long, but it was a hard choice to make. [Name], look I'm sorry if you've taken everything to heart but lately you got a bit over the top and everything has gone too far. I need to make myself clear that it has to stop. The messaging, the going after my friends, my family, the endless attempts to get a hold of me when I'm clearly trying to send you a message. But you are not getting it. I don't want to communicate with you anymore. Things change and everything considered I need this to stop. It's not healthy. I don't want to talk anymore. Please just respect that and leave me and my friends alone. Goodbye [Name].

Is this too brutal of a way to get rid of a girl who won't leave me alone?
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