Have you ever missed someone so much it paralysed you?

Someone who meant a lot to you but hurt you in a way that you really weren't expecting from them. It's been 3 months since I last saw him and sometimes I feel fine, but sometimes the feeling of missing him becomes so unbearable all I can do is cry from this emptiness inside. I never meant anything to him, but he meant everything to me. I was hurting while I was with him and I'm hurting now. I just want to forget but I can't. I've erased all trace of him and I don't see him anywhere, but he's still on my mind all the time. Also, every night there's some kind of stupid dream about him. seems like nothing can help me. not time, not other activities, nothing takes my mind off it. My ego is hurt, my heart is in pieces. When will all this go away. Feel free to share your experience.


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  • I was dating this girl who was absolutely amazing in almost every way. We would get together all the time and have a great time with each other going places or just being with each other watching movies or something. Then out of nowhere she stopped contacting me as much and now won't even respond to my last text which was to make sure everything was alright. I've tried to make it known to her that I still care but apparently she does not. This rejection is one of the worst feelings I've experienced. I've tried dealing with it by making plans with friends and trying to stay busy but as soon as I'm back home with no plans I feel like doing nothing but lay around and think about her. I know the feeling your having and I hope things get better for you.


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  • Yes, back in March. It was really bad. I stopped going to work, I didn't cook, I didn't bake, I didn't write, I barely even breathed. I just played the same video game over and over and over again every day. It got to the point where I didn't even take my dog out and she just pissed and shat all over the carpet (yes, I'm very serious). My mom and dad came and cleaned my apartment helped pay my bills, but if I moved from playing my games, I immediately started crying, even if it was to order a pizza or go to the bathroom.

    Then he and I got back together and I realized how much he sucked and now I'm fine.

    • I think getting back together gave you the closure that you needed.

    • It did, he sucked, and I only miss being in a relationship... but him as a person? Not at all. He was completely useless and still is.

    • yeah mine was a piece of shit too. Don't know why I'm having such a hard time.

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  • Girl who I was realy close with decide to leaver past behind after school said a lot of positives like think of our friendship in a positive light and wish you all the best in your future endevours. I went through a rough time last year and relied upon her for her support as I didn't know anyelse in a new city.

    She moved back home and started her company which she finished school for. I reached out quite a while later and said some positives back and forth and she met someone. Is said I was happy and proud of her. I congradulated her on the new company, said you deserve to be happy and those suporitve coments only to have her say please do not contact me and blocked.

  • Hello I'm new to this site today for basically the same reason you are on here.. Searching for answers. My personal opinion is there is no real answer to when or how long, what your feeling is going to go away and you can be yourself again. I'm currently in a similar position I was with my sons mother for 4 years and I'll be the first one to admit it was definitely a toxic relationship and us not being together is probably for the best, BUT... Realizing that doesn't make this any easier to go through it's been a little over a month since she left and she is perfectly fine, happy, dating already and I can't even think about texting a girl or hanging out with another girl. I don't eat the same, dont sleep the same, I go to work come home and try to get to bed as soon as possible because sleep is the only time I Dont have to think about it. NOT saying that's your answer to just sleep it off by the way... So anyways I was just letting you know your not alone and your not he only one that feels lost or "paralyzed". I guess I have the same question as you. When will this feeling go away when am I going to actually want to start doing things again and meeting new people and move on? And with what happened that caused the breakup (its a long story I won't bore you to death) I know that I could never be with her again and never forgive her. So with my situation whatever this is I'm feeling "paralyzed" as you called it, it's not that I want her back or want to even think about trying for that matter... Still after a month and a half I'm just as upset as the first day.. Like you said I get by.. I put on my fake smile and go about my day but truth is I'm dying inside and Dont know what to do.. I've tried meeting new people tried talking to a few people but I just quit after a few days because honestly i just have no interest what so ever in talking to anyone. I Dont want to waste there time. Maybe it's because I didn't get closure really? She just said she wasn't happy and that's about it. You said he seemed to be perfectly fine and my situation is the same. We broke up because of something she did and she just had no sympathy what so ever, wasn't sorry, she agreed we needed to break up and said she isn't happy with me and that was it she immediately started talking to someone and is now dating him.. I just wish it could be that easy for me.. Or at least want to do anything at all except lay around miserable.


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  • Yes I have. It's so painful when you've been hurt by someone you trusted to never hurt you. You feel disbelief and numb at first. It isn't possible to erase the memories or the hurt, all you can do is try to move forward and just be thankful you aren't with a guy who doesn't want you wholeheartedly. That would be so much more painful.

    The reason we feel so much pain is because we cling to what could have been or what was. One day i finally realised It is was now time to let go of a guy who has already let me go. I knew if i kept holding onto the hurt and memories i would never find another guy to make new memories with

    I do think about him from time to time , but the hurt has eased and memories have faded. I made a decision to stop pinning after a guy who didn't value my tears and my feelings for him.


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