What events led up to you getting your FIRST (or current) BF/GF?

Did you get a new friend? Go to a camp? a party? New school year? How old were you? Where did you meet?


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  • I met my first boyfriend when I was 14, going to a party with people from the year above me at school.

    The current, my friend was coming over after catching a movie with my now boyfriend and bought him too, we met for the first time, at my house.

  • I was 19..Well during that time I was already in a relationship with this guy..i found out he's using me and I SUCK at breaking up with I basically starts acting up and hoping he'll break up with me..I went online because most of my friends move out of state to go to college..and all of a sudden I got an AIM from a guy who said "my life sucks!" and I didn't know who he we started talking...i helped him out, he helped me out..we became friends...then my ex broke up with me..i was happy..and then he wanted to hang out and meeting him in person scares I hide behind the bush by the beach and see if its actually him..(it is!)...and 3 weeks later he took me to his best friend's house...we watched a high school football game and we were babysitting his best friend's daughter..*sooo adorable* people thought we're the parents...and he asked me to be his...we're still together ^-^


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