Why do I give him panic attacks?

Why do I give him panic attacks? Was with a guy for 8 months, and we adored eachother. Things ended... Soon got talking again, , but he didn't want a relationship. I decided to distance myself because of feelings. And not seeing him in 3 month.. We booked a show together so decided to still go. He picked me up.. Calls me beautiful got to the venue he buys matching tshirts... We take our seats and when his favourite song comes on he naturally goes to hold my hand again.. Always looks at me in the eye and seems so happy... I'm sure he's got someone new now.. But why would he be like that? We also got quite 'naughty' and sent eachother pictures one night and he had massive panic attacks he said because of me and he was going sick... Why I don't get any of this
Why do I give him panic attacks?
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