My ex boyfriend for 3yrs is pursuing someone new, 2 weeks after our break up.. How can he moved on so fast?

Me and my boyfriend for 3 years broke up 2 weeks ago, he gave up on me because his family doesn't like me. And he can't fight for his love because his dad is threatening his future, he forced him to break up with me cuz if not, they won't pay for his tuition fee anymore and he'll be sent back to the US. And he said that we can't be together anymore that he can't see it happening anymore even if he graduates because the relationship will be one sided. He's 26 and I'm 27.. he's ignoring me.. gave me a mixed signals, he blocked and unblocked me. Posting that he's overwhelmed of what's happening.. And I found out that there's a girl who's trying to comfort him. The sister of his bestfriend, and yesterday he posted that his mind is clear now and that he had a great day because the girl gave him a big surprise that made him smile.. he tagged the girl and it seems like he is happy.. how can he moved on so quick? it was 3 years.. my God.. I even accepted him even if he's emotionally abusive, controlling and depriving me on everything. I really don't know what to do. But I'm not talking to him..


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  • its one of two things. either he lost interest awhile ago and is looking for a new girlfriend. OR he needs a rebound and is trying to move on from you
    i need to know more to be able to determine which one it is

    • He said that he loves me, I even asked him if he is tired of me already and he said he was not. It's just that his family really doesn't like me.. we've tried to keep it as a secret but his dad still found it out. And now just because this girl is pretty close to his place and has similarities with my qualities (though I don't want to compare). And I'm pretty sure they'll get along so well because they both have the same interests like me. But few days ago he was posting something that he doesn't know what to do, then the girl would try to comfort him the next day he's okay again.

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    • sounds like you deserve better
      how would you act if you got a 2nd chance, and your were him in the situation?

    • I don't know yet.. because he can slap me with " he can care less ". One moment he would say that he loves me so much and whenever there's an argument he would curse me as if I'm like a dirt. I don't even know why did I date him.. I can't send you a message yet on here I don't know what's the required points or something.. but girls and guys if you have LINE app please add me erein89... I would love to have you as my friends because you really helped me a lot. I'm really sorry if I was so stupid cuz I kept on taking him back.. but this time he really shows that he doesn't care as if I don't exist and the 3 years that we've been together is nothing at all..

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  • What a shitty story, his dad not liking you sounds like a lame excuse to break up with you. Who does that anyway? Tbh I think he already had an eye on the girl he's meeting up with now, someone cannot move on that fast, that means 1. He never cared enough & 2. He already knew the girl while he was with you. I've been through a similar situation where I would constantly wonder why he could move on so fast after our break up, it would really upset me. Now that I am thinking about it I can only THANK God for not being with him anymore. We are all worthy of someone who will not give up on us amd care enough to discuss problems instead of running away from them as if they are nothing and break up with our significant other and move on to someone else. That's LAME.

    • and who's to say he will not do it again? Don't worry girl.

    • Thank you, I think I already saw him texting her when we were together and he said that she's just a friend and like a sister to him blah blah blah.. I really hate what he did :( that's the thing though, when that girl keeps on tagging him I felt something strange.

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  • She may just be a rebound and he is using her to hide his feelings from the break up

    • I really hope so :( because it really hurts, we've planned for our future already then he's gonna be doing this (T-T). I feel like I've failed him, giving my all wasn't good enough.

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    • You are welcome and you get him girl 👊🏻

    • Thank you :) I just hope that karma will hit him 10x hahaha

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  • He is not over you, he is using the girl as a rebound, and I feel terrible for her. And i hope you feel better soon. Dont chase after him or follow him, and dont even contact him. Let it go as his family does not like you, you dont want to go in between a son and parents, and it is their loss. Focus on yourself and your self-improvement. Good luck.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it. It's really sad when there's a family disapproval in a relationship :( I'm gonna try my best to pull myself together and pick up the pieces that has been shattered.

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    • It is none of your friends' business to be mad. Do not listen to them if they fill you up with all hateful stuff, because when hate exists or bitterness exists, when you dont forgive him, you will never truly get over him and never really love someone else. Tell your friends to stop mentioning his name, or this topic. Dont talk about this until you really mourn, grieve for relationship and process your feelings. Just appreciate good days you had.

    • Thank you.. yes I told my friends to stop mentioning his name or any updates about him.. I'll just try to focus on myself.. maybe he was just waiting for the right time to let me go and move on to the girl he's currently liking.

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    • I'm trying my best to move on :( but it's just that I can't believe he has moved on that quick (T-T)

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    • I know I sound harsh, but I say this with love.

      You need to cut him off like a limb infested with gangrene.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it. This is going to be a tough transition for me. We've planned for our future already then he would dump me with just a snap of a finger he's already liking someone new.. thank you so much

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