Did you guys ever do this to any of your exes and why?

A year after our break up, this ex of mine and I managed to finally be on good terms. We talked as friends and at some point, the chemistry is still there with all the jokes and stuff. Up until Jan 2016, he decided to tell me he wanted to cut of all communications with me and move on with life, but he still wants to say hi when he sees me (doesn't make sense for me). Stop right here, anyone who has done this, why?

I came to terms with it, after when we finally are on good terms since he decided to fuck it up again, i gave up on the forgive and forget bullshit because no matter how positive i was, he ended up disappointing me again and again. I found out from mutual friends that i knew (if they just knew me and talked of me) that he used to date me. Why should he care? right? and if he sees me passing by he looks at me every single time! Just last week, i was walking on the way to an office on campus, we saw each other and i looked away ignoring him. Since that's what he wanted. right? from the corner of my eye, saw him approaching me. I fastened my pace and whipped out my phone.

Why? Why would someone do that even after saying they "want to cut all off". and he has a girlfriend of 6 months by the way, who he treats better than he did with me. He's more open about her and seems really committed.
He ended things between us by the way and we have been on and off after that and it always ends up him hurting me.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe it just hurt him to be close to you, talk to you and so on, while not being able to be with you. Maybe he can't manage that.
    Or maybe there isn't anything left from your relationship or friendship so he doesn't want to have these friendship ruin in his life.

    • He was the one who chose to end everything by the way... on and off, all him.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like he doesn't see the point in remaining friends. He may have stayed friends with you to ease the pain of the breakup, or to alleviate his guilt for breaking up with you. He may no longer feel the need to do that, sonce to him you seem ok, or he was filling a void with you until he was sure about his new girlfriend. Now he is, so he doesn't need you anymore. You gotta cut off all communication... do not accept any from him from here on out, unless you're really ok with being friends...


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