Planning to talk to my boyfriend (ex) after a week from our "breakup" to get things clear (in order to move on of required) good idea or not and why?


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  • You do what the man says and keep your mouth shut!

    • But why?

    • because that the way it is and should be and you know you like it

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  • If you need some clarity on the break up to help you move on, then by all means, talk to him. Just try not to beg for him back.

    • I really do...

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    • I don't wanna be a burden, but do you have any suggestions on how to approach the topic?

    • Just say: "hey, how are you? I'm wondering if we could talk about what happened earlier?" - request to talk on the phone or meet in person. Texting is not a good way to communicate. If he denies you, then just say "alright, have a nice day". And move on. Eventually, he'll come to you... most likely.

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