Boyfriend doesn't know if he is in or out?

We have been going out for 11 months, I was just over for the weekend at his house. just him his mom and his sister, before he mentioned i dont talk as much and his sister said I laughed too much, this time everything was fine until last afternoon, when I felt like he was ignoring me, I also had a huge headache, and i was on the time of the month. When his sister and mom went to get pizza, he asked if everything was okay i said its fine, dont worry about it he came in and asked again i said it was because i felt like he was ignoring me and felt like no one wanted me there, he said everyone loves you, we want you here, the rest of the day he ignored me kind of and i was quiet. This morning I left his house, first goodbye in awhile we just did say i love or hugged, but he did say to be safe, I kinda got emotional and go really sad about it texted that i felt really bad about then he said he doesn't know if he can do this anymore, even though he said if you want this realtionship to move on youd talk to the boyfriends partners parents, I said okay i ll fix it, ill do anything, and i kept asking if he was in, he never answered, im so scared because i think i messed it up, all of it. I want to fix it and i told him. im now waiting, for his answer, but I dont think i can do anything else? right, i mean i apologized, and said i would fix it, and be more talkative, he has only been reading my messages, of course i know he needs space to think about it... but i think I've done all i can right? just wait...


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