Ex-boyfriend chose another girl over me, but why?

So, my ex-boyfriend, who is a freshman in college about a half hour away just broke up with me about a week ago and is about to go out with this other girl.

For a while he wasn't sure if he wanted to stay with me or get with her, and then he cried when he told me that he was going to date her.

A few days later, we were calmly talking about it, and I told him that we were both going to be fine. Maybe we should give each other space for the time being, but eventually we will be okay and will be friends again.

Then he started telling me about how I'm like 10x more good looking than her (he went as far as describing, feature by feature) and how he's afraid they won't last long because neither him or the new girl know how to be blunt. He's afraid they have too much in common (well him and I are kind of opposites- which is why our friends didn't like us together and told us we weren't going to last) and that it'll be one of those relationships that is awesome for a month or two and then it just dies.

Apparently he loves me but he's not in love with me right now and he says he's trying to put me into "best friend" territory but it's hard because he's so attracted to me (he tells me every time he sees me he wants to have sex with me).

Basically, I'm really confused.

I've known this guy for a year now, I know pretty much everything about him, he just met this girl a month ago.

He's not really physically attracted to her, but is to me.

Why did him and I break up?


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  • He wants to have sex with her... and maybe come back to you or still hook up with you.


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