How to deal with a stalker ex?

Background on the relationship with the ex:
Dated for two months. He broke it off by texting me at 4am saying we rushed things. Total BS. Ended up chasing after some girl he fell for via Xbox. This was 4 years ago.

Ever since the guy got broken up with he keeps trying to message me. At first it was all, "I'm sorry, I made a mistake" and "I'll wait forever for you!" Which I would either ignore or be quick to shoot down and tell him no. I'm in a wonderful and loving relationship with a guy I can see marrying one day. I have pointed this out on many occasions.

Recently he's started attempting to ask me out. All of which I've either ignored or shot down completely. But yet he persists. He's been doing similar to another friend of mine whom apparently dated him for two days until the same end happened. We just had a lengthy complain fest about him.

Long story short, he won't leave me alone. I've tried blocking him, he just made a new Facebook account and started messaging me again. He's added my friends and my sister who he hates, an act which I assume is to try and watch me. I even had a coworker tell me she thinks she saw him come through work one day.

He won't leave me alone. Should I just keep ignoring him? Or is there any other ways I could possibly get him to stop bugging me?
How to deal with a stalker ex?
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