How to reconnect bond with my ex Boyfriend?

I know this sounds a little weird but I need help. Please don't tell me to move on because I want to give it a shot. My (ex) Boyfriend broke up with me a week ago. We agreed to stay friends, which worked for the first few days, but we both stopped talking eventually (mostly because I was very upset and hurt)

We were friends for a year, best friends for 5 months before we started dating. We're deskmates and spend every school day with eachother. However, things changed during break last month. We weren't seeing eachother as much and we drifted apart, fought over little things which led to the breakup. It was horrible and we both cried a lot. He still loves me but is confused right now. Though he said he doesn't see us getting back together and doesn't want to hold me back from moving on, he also said if we could work things out he would but he's not ready right now. I don't think I'm ready to get back together yet because I want to fix myself too so I understand.

We had a talk today and we agreed to hang out in hopes of becoming close again. We're still desk mates and he's my Best Friend. I really love him and want him back. I'm willing to wait for him. Will we become closer if we continue hanging out as we did before? If possible, what other ways are there? Thanks so much!


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  • You had a big fight about small stuff and broke up. That scenario is fairly common and it usually suggests that there is some underlying conflict or problem which is not being discussed and resolved and your anger is coming out "sideways." If you get back together, you are likely to come to the same end, unless you determine the real source of conflict and address it head-on.


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  • Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I would take some time apart and get to know yourself better... eventually, I would meet up with the ex and talk. Try and determine why you two got so angry with each other during your time off, but also, figure out interests that you have. Focus mainly on yourself during that time. If it's meant to be, it'll be.


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  • I'm a dude, if I break up with someone it's because I found hotter people i'd prefer sleep with than you. If you're self respect is low enough to wait until I've finsihed sleeping with all the girls on my roster, I might go back BUT remember, I'd do this FOREVER KNOWING that anytime I feel like sleeping with someone else, I can just dump you for a few weeks and you'll be waiting there for me.

    • And, that's because you're a prick that has no respect for women. Not all men are like you. And this guy may not be..

    • @Silverware yes, im sure he broke up with her to sit dormant in his bedroom. There's no possible way he's off trying to up his roster.

      Yeah, i'm a prick. I don't care lol but this isn't a guess or an uneducated answer. He "dumped" her for one reason or another, doesn't want her is the back bone of all the answers.

  • You're fucking up. You're nothing but a backup plan to him till he finds someone else. You will not remain friends even if he suggests or agrees to it.


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