Help getting over feelings for an ex?

I broke up with my LD boyfriend about 7 weeks ago. Long story short, We had known each other online for a few years, and had been dating for about 6 months. We had our fair share of fights at first, but then he suddenly changed and was very sweet and kind. It was at that point that I considered myself 'in love'. Anyways, about 2 weeks prior to the breakup, he changed all of the sudden. He seemed distant and uncaring. When I asked what was wrong, he got all mad and admitted to not giving a shit anymore. I figured it was time for a breakup after 2 weeks of that, so I ended it.

We had very different views on some important things, and I respected that, but I feel that they would've gotten in the way. That and he couldn't get over his ex who he's known for 10 years now. I don't think it would've worked out, and I can't handle his short temper and extreme immaturity on certain matters. Not to mention that everything was a double standard with him.

We've decided to remain friends. We text a few times a week. I can tell that he still genuinely cares for me, and I care for him, but I for some reason can't shake off all of the romantic feelings I had for him. I miss the sweeter side of him that loved me. I realize that's not his true nature, but I'm struggling to get over my feelings. Sometimes I even feel the urge to flirt. Suggestions please!
Help getting over feelings for an ex?
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