Did you regret to be with your current BF/GF, even though you are very into him? What will you do?

I do like my boyfriend very much. But lately I realize he don't have much virtues for me to stay with. He was not loyal, but he said he already changed. I don't want to check his phone or something to confirm. He is impatience and not that caring, sometimes he's rude to me. I feel like I have to teach him how to maintain a relationship and how to have sex with me all the time, i'm tired. Few times I want to give up on him, I still didn't leave, I really like him. We are both foreigners in this country on visa. I want to settle down maybe next year, but he want to take it slowly. I don't know how we gonna do when both of our visas got expired.
In the meantime , several local guys are pursuing me. I just feel a bit regret to be with my current boyfriend. And this is making me get picky on him more often lately. I am struggling.


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What Guys Said 1

  • how is he not loyal? why don't you leave him?
    would you see other guys behind his back without him knowing?

    • He cheated on me before. I wasn't a good girlfriend before easy well. Didn't see any guy behind his back. Just guys ask me out or put flowers on my office desk etc.

What Girls Said 2

  • It sounds like, despite caring about this guy, you want something more. If you ask him for more is he willing and able to change? If not are you willing to settle for less? If not, as much as it hurts, it might be best to separate and go your own ways. Feelings of regret or resentment don't help in relationships.

    • I just think that there is no future with him. I never meet his friend or family. Lost one babe , since he think he is not ready for that , I don't know when he is gonna ready for anything as his age (34)

    • It sounds like you have answered your own issue. If there is no future why stay? Loving someone sadly isn't enough. Staying for the sake of love, when it's not working, will just end in a crash and burn. If you can end it while both parties still care, you have a better chance of having a friendship or keeping it civil.

  • The break up. Life is too short for this


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