Has anyone had a situation like this work out?

My ex and I have been on again and off again for 8 months. At first he was crazy about me but the more time went on the more his behavior began to chance. He would tell me he didn't have feelings for me that way and we'd break up to only get back together again. We've been broken up for about a month. This is the longest we've been broken up before but we still text and see each other. I know he has some commitment issues with feeling completely settled down and I'm not looking to take his freedom from him, I'd just like to be the girl in his life. Has anyone else had a situation like this? What have you done that's worked?


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  • I have had a situation like this. We dated for ish a year on and off. It was good most of the time, but I cried so much and it would always end in a break up, and then we'd just end up back together. I think we broke up 4 times. He would either say he didn't feel in love anymore, or he'd have some bizzare reason for breaking up, and then we'd get back together. By the end I was so traumatized by it and broken that I hit rock bottom. And I never knew, even if we had a good time, if he was going to break up with me the next day.

    I'd say you should stay broken up untill he is one hundred percent sure he wants you, and only you.
    Good luck :) <3

  • No offense I doubt it will work.


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