Is it over forever or is this just considered a break? Unsure what to do?

I just want to say I don't usually chase a guy or wish for him back, I let them go and move on and never look back. But this is different. We were close friends for two years before dating, we never were official because it was just a transition from friends to dating without that needed. We have a lot in common and have always been great for each other, he spent two years trying to be with me but I wasn't ready at the time (had just gone through a break up and didn't want to use him as a rebound. I waited to see if my feelings were still there) We dated for 9 months. Things fell apart as he is going through a lot and we both weren't handling the strain of it well, I had been in an abusive relationship and hid my feelings at first and all of his exes had cheated on him, we didn't communicate and we broke down. He said its done and we didn't talk for two weeks. During that time he wrote a poem about me being his weakness & love, liked my posts even though he wasn't following my Instagram, before contacting me apologising and that he misses me. It fell apart as soon as I tried to discuss us & he said he wasn't ready to talk about it. I ended the conversation by saying if he wants to meet up & talk, the option is there. And left it. A week later he contacted me to say he thinks it isn't a good idea to meet up, he hopes I end up happy and all he needs right now is time. He said he will contact me again 'in the future' but right now he just needs some space. And we left it. That was a week ago. Is this a break? What is this? We both have stated how in love with each other we are and even planned a future. There has been no contact for a week. He spent years chasing me and telling me how in love with me he is. I know we are good for each other but right now I'm going from missing him to feeling bitter. Did he just get too comfortable in what we had? How many months will this take? Is this just a post-break up cooling off period before talking? We ended it a month ago


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  • I sort of skimmed through this, so excuse me if I miss some things lol. Personally, I don't believe in breaks, bc a person can't just pick and choose when I'm going to matter. It's selfish and messed up. It sounds like this guy is far too indecisive as to what he wants with you, and he will continue to be on the fence so long as you let him. My advice? Leave that alone, focus on yourself and be patient until someone who fully realizes your worth comes along. I know how it feels to love someone desperately and hope to be together in the end. I also know how it feels to not have full closure and feel lost in the dark. But someone's we just have to look at the bigger picture. We find closure for ourselves on our own, and accept that maybe things don't work out with certain people for a reason. Maybe that person is blocking the doorway for someone better to enter.


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