Do I still love my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating about a year and a half. During that time, we have never had a single argument. He treats me like a queen and is everything I want in a guy. Only problem? I want to be with someone else, a girl to be exact. He was perfectly happy to let me and my crush become friends with benefits and I honestly thought that would help me get over her. instead, it helped me see things I had been ignoring with my rose tinted glasses. I had doubts if I really liked him from the start, and now the butterflies are long gone. I don't even notice when I don't hear from him, while before I could barely survive without a text. I don't miss him when he doesn't show up somewhere, and I don't get jealous anymore when he talks about other girls. In fact, I get excited, hoping he'll take interest in one of them. I still care deeply about him, but not a romantic way. Without realizing it, I've started to see him as a best friend, or a brother even. I have been far too afraid to call it off for many reasons, why call off a perfectly good relationship for no good reason? What if I regret it? A small part of me still feels I like him. Will he ever forgive me and will we still be friends? His friends told me not to screw this up or he may kill himself. I feel trapped in this relationship, but I can't bare to break up with him. What do I do?
Do I still love my boyfriend?
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