If a guy says he wants to be alone and says he thinks you are incompatible after a long few years of dating abd breaks up with you?

guys can you try to translate what he's thinking? What is going through his head? Do you think that after someone saying that to you, opinions change and they might regret it? Or do you think that is guy code for "we are are never getting back together?"

please be nice. I'm still sensitive and a person with feelings.
Do you think that could also mean that he found someone else?
My mom is putting ideas in my head, and it's making me feel sick to my stomach


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  • Same issue. He basically doesn't see a future anymore as your both going in different directions. It's not about you, your just different personalities. Hurts now but would be worse married with kids in ten years time right? Gives you time to find someone compatible.

    • Got any good advice on how to get over it? He said he was sad too. But he didn't want me to think there was any hope of getting back together. I need to get over feeling like I want him back in my life. Someone once said that girls spend too much time obsessing over their ex boyfriends after a break up. I never obsessed this much while we were dating. I know it's over. I just want to not want the relationship back anymore. I want to be like the one who doesn't want him back. Anyone have a magical recipe? I'm tired of being sad about it.

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    • Lol everyone does their own thing to feel better. I don't burn the pictures and stuff, I keep them all but I keep them under my bed so I don't look at them! Then one day I will decide when it feels right what to do with them. It is really hard.

      At the moment the thought he might come back (but probably wont) gets me through the days but each day that goes by I am realising its less likely. I think you realise that over time though and its not easy to force the issue on yourself.
      Don't be hard on yourself, do what you need to do to get through it. If it means you get obsessed with weightloss, or see loads of friends, or close yourself off, go out and buy new clothes, I dunno do what you need to do to get through it.
      You will learn a lot about yourself too. I have gone out so much recently, and realised all I ever do is turn down invitations! xx

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  • what is there to translate? it was clear language.

    • Yeah. Well just thought I'd ask. Thanks for your response. I'm just a little sad over it and trying to understand the situation better

    • Guess it was pretty clear.

  • He wants to be alone and finds you incompatible.

    • Also, it's "guy code" for "Fuck. No. Never. Again."

      You should thank him for his kindness.

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