Meeting up with an ex.. What to expect?

So my ex and I have been exes for about 3 years now. Our breakup was bad, but only because neither of us wanted to break up, and we only did because I was moving away. We're both freshmen in college this year. He's had a girlfriend from my old high school (she was there when I went there, but he never talked to her then) for a little over 2 years now. He's been messaging me anyway, and Im not sure if she's aware of it or not which may sound wrong, but honestly he was my best friend and in my opinion, he can talk to whoever he chooses to talk to. Anyway, he has been saying that he wants to see me for some time now. I've seen him once a couple weeks ago, for the first time in 3 years, from a distance at a party. But he says he was too "nervous" to talk to me. He knew that I was going to be there so he did not bring his girlfriend for that reason. He's been asking for so long to see me, and I would really like to catch up with him too. So we planned to meet tomorrow. I'm still not sure how his girlfriend would feel about it. If I was her I wouldn't like it, and therefore the whole idea makes me uncomfortable. But at the same time, I really miss talking to him, and we haven't seen each other since we were still dating. I'm more in it for the closure, NO WISH TO GET BACK TOGETHER WHATSOEVER. But what to expect out of it.. More so, what's the point & why does he want to so bad?


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  • He wants more. Expect him to be clingy and shit. Just tell him whats on your chest and leave


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  • It's probably just gonna be you two talking about your lives without each other these past three years and reminiscing "the good old times".


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