How do I get over an ex boyfriend?

I have been to counselors, subscribed to online dating sites, done things to keep myself busy, and I just can't get over it. Sometimes I wish I left this world because I just can't handle the emotional pain anymore. What can I do? Can someone tell me?


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  • Time heals all wounds. I myself just try and keep myself occupied with friends and going out. I know it's hard but believe me eventually it does get better.


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  • Realize that you broke up for a reason, he's not thinking about you nearly as much as you are, he's probably out and having fun and you're wallowing in possibly self pity. Yes Love sucks sometimes but you have to give yourself a chance to love and be loved again. I see you're 18-24, you're still young! Maybe a relationship isn't necessarily the best thing for you but get yourself out there in the dating scene, stop worrying about your pain for him because he doesn't for you.

    • Yeah I understand your pain. It does get better. It always does. I say this now too because I've been broken up with before too and devastated. I've met new and way better people down the road and I was way happier with the new people. Life has its highs and lows and its perfectly normal to feel like that. It's humanly impossible to feel happy 24 / 7. Time heals everything. I mean I just got out of a long relationship. I had fun but it didn't work out. I'm in pain too. I'm heartbroken, but I know this too shall pass. And by the way I am seeing a counselor too. I'm with you it's tough. I'm on my third round of feeling kind of bad because I've been broke up with. I'm just trying to see the best and try new things. Eventually better people and opportunities will come into your life. They always do.

    • @mpwilke thanks for understanding what I'm going through! It's really tough. I find myself thinking about it all day long. I really wish that I can someday meet someone else and forget about him. I hope that you can find that special guy someday, as well!

    • And OP, you're absolutely right! Thanks!

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