Can no contact make a girl realize her feelings for me again?

So this girl (im now friends with) clearly liked me at the beginning, she asked me out once saying "this is nice, me and you, maybe something could work if we put aside our differences". At that time i wasn't into her for some reason :S so we became really close friends over the years. I've noticed over time that she says things that indicate she still does like me, even the things we argue over, she would constantly think im ignoring her and get bitter at me if i didn't check in on her from time to time etc. Another time she asked "what am i to you?", maybe expecting a different response from "my friend".

So its gotten to the stage where apparently feelings are reversed. Im all of a sudden head over heels for her, perhaps because I've now noticed competition? But despite all the indications that she does still feel something for me, she has recently said that she doesn't see me as anything more than a friend.

Im upset over this and have decided to end the friendship after I explained why and what she means to me, as hard as it was, and she is just as upset asking why we can't stay friends. Im doing this to help myself get over her, but given the circumstances could no contact cause her to reevaluate her feelings for me again or would she just forget me?


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  • You don't want to use no contact (blocking someone out of your life and removing the ability for her to contact you) to get someone back, it's immature and usually back fires :/ only go NC when you've decided that you no longer benefit from contact and you want to move on. How would you ever know she is showing interest again if you do NC?

    I would chalk this up to bad timing for you both. And perhaps things may change down the road but til then I would remain civil if you want her to show interest in you again. A girl won't stick around and chase someone for long (if at all) if he ignores.


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  • She'd have feels. Don't contact her.


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  • I think " no contact "just teaches someone how to live without you. The less contact you have the more likely their feelings will fade over time

    Sometimes it's necessary to cut certain people out your life to prevent any long-term pain. I couldn't remain just friends with a guy who I wanted a relationship with. It'd be too painful. I'd need to cut all ties so I could move on from him

  • You are head over heels for a dumb reason. Read the reason you provided again.. It's not a good reason.
    Just move on and go after someone you actually want, not someone you only want when they don't want you or when a lot of people desire them.


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