Love or financial stability - help?

I met this wonderful man - I am in love with him and he makes me feel like the top of the world. He treats me like a princess and is so respectful and it is just easy, comfortable and happy. Kind of man a girl dreams of.

Problem is. He is 22 and I am 28.. I have a good ish career and feeling broody / want the whole house and kids thing before I am too old. I talked to him about it and he has agreed he wants all that with me - but I feel guilty for stealing his youth as i will want that sooner than him (my best years were between 22 and now!)

Also - here is the main issue. He is a photographer and also has a lot of student debt and is bad with money. I know i could find someone more age appropriate with a "proper" job that could give me the security of house and kids and never have to worry about things again.

But makes me such an awful person dumping someone because of that? But at the same time - what will life be if we struggle through it? Also am worried the love isn't that deep as in we do not have a lot in common or have deep conversations - it is more just a happy feeling of love and comfort - so not sure it will last anyway.

Problem is - he is getting very attached and I love him so do not want to break his heart or lead him on - and i am not getting younger... Such a dillemna- any advice!

Love or financial stability - help?
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