Worried about working with a Co-Worker who rejected me?

I crushed hard for my co-worker and rejected me.

We were really close friends, but after the rejection I ignored her.( I tried to stay friends but couldn't)

Anyhow we still work together, but next month we have a work project and I will be working on it which means I will be working closely with her.

I really have mixed feelings towards her, I am hurt, I like her, I hate her, my confidence plummets when I see her...

I am not sure if she knows I have strong feelings, I only asked her out and she said no.

I am really uncomfortable around her, and I am not sure what to do and I am worried because we have to work on this project.


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  • Don't bring your personal feelings into work. It should be checked before you go into work.

    • Hmmm, but my problem is my personal feelings are at work, staring me in the face...

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  • what exactly are you worried on? you wouldn't be able to concentrate due to strong feelings?

    • I just feel hurt, I might tell her how I feel about her... might make things awkward?

      I don't know how to act in-front of her, and there is already some tension between us.

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