I just found out that my boyfriend talks to his ex about our relationship? Am I justified in being upset?

I just found out that my boyfriend of about a year talks to his ex-gf about our relationship. I have never had a problem with the fact that they're still friends and they talk on occasion because they have a child together but finding out that he calls her to vent about problems is very uncomfortable. I confronted him about it, naturally, but he says she 'understands' him and his expectations in a relationship and that's why he goes to her for advice. Is it just me or shouldn't there be a line drawn between exes and what they discuss?


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  • I find it a little inappropriate. I had an ex who I would call up to express my feeling towards my current boyfriend. He gave me great advice. But I never told my current so that I was calling the ex for advice. Honestly and naturally it would upset anybody however. How did you find out? I assume he told you? Some things shouldn’t be said.

    BUT... it doesn't mean he's cheating on you.


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