No contact... Day 11... Realising we won't speak again?

Me and the boyfriend broke up. He ignored me for two weeks, went into his man cave, I went to see him as I was being shut out. He said he was happy etc but he looked a mess, kept talking about how he is better alone. Pushed me away. We was together five years.

Now on day 11 of no contact, still heard nothing.

definitely giving up.


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  • Who knows. Usually around 30 days is when people break no contact.

    Who broke up with who? If he said he's happier alone then just leave him be.

    • Been lots going on recently so he got abit stressed I think, he went into his little cave and just went all distant. Did it two years ago too.
      He went out and got a new PlayStation and kept jabbering about how he is better alone as he travels a lot for work and will be away a lot more now as someone got made redundant in his team. Kept saying how much he loved his job. Wouldn't look at me without getting upset. He said he didn't know if we was broken up but when I said about spending time together like a day out he just kept saying he is better alone and just wanted to stay home alone and watch DVDs, shut everyone off. The conversation ended (well if u can call it a conversation he wouldn't say much) with me being like well I can't do anymore really. I emailed him on the Monday two days later apologising for an angry comment I made and that I would leave him alone, then I started the no contact. Xx

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    • He almost sounds like he's depressed... I would give him the space he needs. I'm sure he'll connect with you eventually. 5 years is a lot to just throw away

    • @Silverware yeah I feel he could be. I said on my email if he wants to chat to let me know so I know that I have that door abit open.
      I wonder how he is now. He might be really happy now to be fair xx

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  • Go find someone else. You shouldn't wait around for anyone especially an ex.

    • Not ready to find someone else yet after five years... Been less than a month. Focusing on myself for the time being. I have coconut oil on my head at the mo! Xx

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    • Well he wasn't going to change or make the effort to so.. Im also not very patient lol. Gotta know what you want and stick with it.

    • Yeah totally agree xx

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