What are some ways to dump someone and not be sad? Or make them sad?

I just wanna get this over as soon as possible and with friendliness..
And i wanna be friends FOREVER. He's so damn cool. Just not the guy for me you know.
I love him, but only as a best friend. I dont know why i feel so sad even though i know thats what i want to do.


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  • You can't break up with someone and not expect them to be hurt. If they really love you, they'll be hurt. I think the best way is to say it in person. Write your feelings down and then memorize those words so you don't get tongue tied when you say it to him.
    Remember... In Person... Honesty
    He'll be hurt, but he'll appreciate this gesture


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  • Tell him not to give up. His soulmate is someone else. Damn, this is hard. I never dumped anyone. I got dumped by Breatheme19 on December 2015, but she wasn't really my girlfriend. She played me. She went for someone else and wated my time. She cockblocked me from being with someone I really wanted. Sorry! I can't really help this time.

  • No matter how polite you'll be
    It'll hurt him anyway
    So just say it as soon as possible

  • there's no way. sadness comes in with it

    • Why does it have to be this way? Why can't people ever with happy with the death of one thing?

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    • come on u know why

    • Because people are greedy?

  • quicker the better, dont prolong it. only time heals wounds


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