Would you dump a girl because of this?

If you were going out with a girl for a while (say 10 months) and you really liked her and loved her and etc. and you noticed she had a little bit of back acne and she tells you she has been struggling with it and is trying to get rid of it through medication would you think nothing of it or dump her because of it? And even if she didn't tell you anything and you just noticed it in her bathing suit...

AND What if she had a red birth mark on her back that was fairly large...

The girl is me, I am 16. Been in a relationship for 10 months. Good guy. Just don't want him to be grossed out.
  • I would NOT break up with her - I am not that shallow.
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  • I would break up with her - that is nasty.
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  • If he has formed an emotinal bond with you and he likes you it is highly unlikely, its something that is not a big issue, its not like you got a peg leg or a hunch back. Each individual is different their are probably other things which are more imporatant in your relaitonship that would be deal breakers and these superficial concerns..


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What Guys Said 3

  • i wouldn't leave cos she is your girlfriend and been that long , at same time you both like each so much why have to leave cos she have back ace and cos of red spot. that is not a excuse.

    for example b4 I met my fiance she have having problem with health, and her body was very shape out unportional but after all the care and love to each other . she is better, health and we are gonna to be marry together and have kids. I know my fiance online.

  • I would only leave you if you didn't let me try to pop your zits. o.O That would be absolutely nothing I would worry about dear. I would like to think a good portion of others would not let such small things get their panties in a twist. And if they would, good riddance to them. If he is a 'good guy' as you say he is, he won't take issue with it, nor the birthmark, something many people have.

  • if he's still with you then you have your answer.


What Girls Said 2

  • If he loved you he should think its beautiful

    hey, we're girls

    we ARE mysteries

    If a guy doesn't think he can handle that crap, then he should be gay :)

    Don't be worried about it though,

    if it such a big deal to him he would tell you

    otherwise he still thinks you're gorgeous :)

    hope I helped


    • So if guy loves a girl he should think her back acne is beautifu? and if he doesn't he should be gay? woooow.... id have to disagree.

      if you love someone you look past their flaws (yes acne is a flaw). To the question asker: don't worry about it. he will most likely not care - since you've been together for 10 months already.

    • Wow okay. I don't think she meant that at all. and you didn't need to point out acne was a flaw. I kinda of already knew that...

  • dont even worry about it if he loves you it shouldnt matter trust me. love is love and acne shouldnt stop it,


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