Ex girlfriend Dumped Me, Then Contacted Me To Meet Up, Then Bailed Completely?

She dumped me after going suddenly cold for a week on me. She texts me after two weeks of NC (I did no begging at all). We chatted back and forth and had a few good phone calls full of flirting. Let me preface the rest by saying she does not at all contact anyone to play games with people's heads or fake apprarances. I know she must be very confused with herself, as she can be indecisive about life decisions but does not fake her responses to them. I set up a coffee date and she immediately and pretty excitedly agreed. She couldn't make the one I set so I told her to hmu when she had a day. She texted here and there after to hint at meet up so I text her a set up we were both free for. I pitched it to her and then just got a week of sudden silence. Saturday rolls around, the day before, and she texts me suddenly, saying she went down to our favorite restaurant... that she now lives a half-hour drive away from. I respond that that's cool and ask if she's still good for our coffee. No reply. Not even a yes or no. I leave it silent there for a week, pretty weirded out, then instinctively warn her about a storm, which I hadn't meant to do. But she responded the moment I sent it. So what gives? It's been a week since that storm warning she responded to and I left it hanging because I was seriously confused. What's going on? I want to start up again slow and steady, and I am still working on myself with great progress, but what should I do here? And what's she thinking?
Ex girlfriend Dumped Me, Then Contacted Me To Meet Up, Then Bailed Completely?
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