Is he rebounding? Please help?

He got with her less than a month after me, he told me two weeks ago how much he misses me and wants me in his life, a week ago he told me he needs some time now and will be back. Now he's with her. I contacted him upset (I'm not crazy I swear - we were close for 3 years it's hard to adjust) and he told me how much I sucked and all the things I did wrong and how great she is, they've already met each other's parents within a week, told me all the details about what they get up to in their 'free time', how much I sucked in bed and how he's already bought her all this 'bedroom' stuff. He's doing things with her within a week that took us months to build up to like being together, intimacy, meeting family, that kind of stuff takes time. And he's just jumped into it all. And then spoke to me about our relationship and politely to each other about where we went wrong and all of the miscommunication. And then he went right back to trying to make me jealous. We were best friends for two years but he was in love with me during those times, but we started dating after those 2 years for 9 months. We were sort of acting like a couple for nearly two years however. I was shy in the first two months of it because I wasn't used to feeling that way about him and it felt so surreal. He put a lot of effort into those months and no matter what I said he thought I wasn't interested. We continued for another 7 months and I wasn't shy and truly showed him I loved him every single day. He keeps saying he refuses to see it. And he's already moved on. I'm truly heartbroken from it as he was my best friend and he's going so far out of his way to hurt me, we planned a future together for three years and it hurts that he's no longer in it forever, is it a rebound?

Do guys come back after a rebound? I did it once until I realised after three months I didn't even like the guy I was rebounding with, missed my ex and ended up back with him. I don't want him back but I want that closure...
Is he rebounding? Please help?
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