Why does he keep provoking me, didn't he move on?

So it all started when my ex stopped talking to me because I was too clingy and so after about a week or so he talked to my friend (let's call her melanie) and told her that it was over and came up with ridiculous excuses for what he did. after that i didn't try to contact him and whenever I posted something on social media the next day he would do the same. it's like he thought that every single thing I post is meant for him.

After that I decided to start the no contact rule, but after about a week I ran into him in the street and he looked at me intensely as if he wanted to talk to me or was expecting a reaction from me, I didn't do anything and kept walking.
That night he waited till I was online on facebook and texted me saying "happy holiday" like nothing's happened and of course I ignored the message. Now about a month has passed and I didn't post anything on social media since then and neither did he, but the moment I changed my instagram description (which only the ones that check my instagram page can see) he posted 2 pictures with girls and started being super active on social media like facebook etc... I still didn't show any reaction or interest in what he was doing.

2 days later he texted that my friend melanie and told her "are you still in contact with stephany?" - "who's stephany?" - "my ex" - "I don't know any girl named stephany, I only know your ex marie" - "oh yeah sorry I meant marie" - "that trick is kinda old you know?" - "what trick?" - "nothing and no I didn't see her for about a month".

and that's where the conversation stops with no reply from him. Now what I want to know is if those are the "anger signs" he still didn't move on.. what is wrong with him? and what am I supposed to do now? Please help.


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  • Sounds like he didn't move on.. Some people just find it hard not to


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  • He doesn't seem angry to me.


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