I broke up with my boyfriend and started crying for the first time?

My boyfriend and I have been going together for over two years, and sometimes we get end arguments.. We have broken up before but we have gotten back together. this weekend we had an argument and we I ended up breaking up with him. Weve been broken up for four days and this time felt different. I usually get sad if we break up but this time I cried... I missed him so much and wanted us to work it out.. I couldn't sleep , my head was hurting.. I usually get anxious and sad and wait for him to run back to me but this argument felt so different to me... I wanted us to talk it out so bad.. yesterday we talked about it and made up and in so happy... I've been sad for dour days without him


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  • These arguments usually require a bigger person involved (either of you) to deescalate the situation and prevent it from getting out of control.

    One of you might still be able to master that if you want him back, but either of you will have to master the art of being able to calm yourself when angry, maybe hug, and gently talk. To do that when you want to just argue or grow cold is really hard to do the first time, but it becomes so much easier after you can manage this even once.

    What you're feeling is kind of normal for a broken heart.

    • Bigger person as in, even if you really feel like you're being treated unfairly, you let it slide. You calm yourself down, talk it out, and try to seek a positive outcome for the both of you rather than a fair one. Demanding fairness usually makes both sides feel like they're being treated unfairly, and relationships can spiral out of control at that point.

    • If you want him back, don't try to do it with grand apologies or confessions of feelings. Try to take out the drama, make it easy-going, friendly, be good company. It's usually your best chance.

    • Thanks! Relationships are tough

  • Its okay to cry. Well then good, you two made up. Now dont break up ever again

    • Loll why do you sat don't break up ever again?

    • because you become very sad

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  • It's ok. You're allowed to be sad.


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