Should they go for it? answer ASAP! thanks

my cousin and her boyfriend just broke up, they were madly in love and he cheated 3 times. he's like a little kid so I was thinking he just did it because it was risky, and mischievous. so this is the story...he hooked up with 3 girls through out their relationship, but it was an "in the moment" thing, and they love each other very much. he told her on the phone that he had hooked up with a girl and then he broke up with her that same phone call. she is thinking its not a big deal and she wants him back, but he feels like he is not worthy of her or her love, I need to know what they should do? he now realizes how much of a mistake he has made and now he's punishing himself by not letting himself be with my cousin, little does he realize she absolutely needs him as well and he needs her. he is a bit of a flirt but he said he would change in order to be with her. please give me advice on what they should do ASAP! - they both thinks that they will never love anyone else, and he is the only person that she can see herself with.


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  • There is more to a relationship then just love, there's mutual respect, understanding, friendship, being non judgemental etc. My concern is the he cheated THREE times. I wish you mentioned his age but I am thinking he is a young 20 something. Anyway, normally, I do not say this when I give advice but I do mention it. I do believe that when 2 people genuinely love each other, know it is meant to be, selectively do not want anyone else and MAKE a conscious decision to be together NO matter what, it has a chance. Understand however that is very difficult to do but it doesn't mean it cannot be done.

    Personally, once someone cheats on me, it's a deal breaker. I will never trust or respect him again. My first boyfriend cheated on me repeatedly and I terminated the relationship. Like your cousin, I didn't think I would ever love again or find someone. About a year later, I met the guy I consider the love my life when I was at college. I loved this man more than anyone in my entire life. He is tattooed on my heart forever.

    I don't think her boyfriend is capable of changing given the fact that he has cheated more than once. In addition, I think he has a lot of growing to do as a person as well. I think she is better off breaking up with him and seeing other people. In the long run, she won't be happy with him and his cheating...she will reach a breaking point. However, the decision is hers.

    Good luck.

    • Well, he didn't cheat sexually, and he is very immature, I think he didn't want to be tied down, and now that he realizes he doesn't like the "single" life, he wants my cousin, I think he would change and besides, all he did was kiss/makeout with the girls.

    • Cheating doesn't have to involve sex to be cheating. The point is that he did it- 3 times. Moreover, he should want th her because he loved her, she completes him and is what he wants. He shouldn't do it because he is tired of the single life, that is a cop out.

  • never go back to a cheater, they don't change, went there before.


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