Im so angry and hurt. I went to his place and he called the security?

Long story short, he's my ex-date and its like a love-hate relationship.

I was in the cafe below his apartment and I asked him to come down, he refused. I acted a bit crazy because i was emotional so i went up to his flat. He didn't open the door for me and ignored my messages and calls. I waited for one hour at least.

He decided to call the security. I didn't expect that. He acted im like a stranger and he even said "someone is trying to break in" "i dont want to talk to her" "can you please escort her down" then he closed the door.

I know i crossed the line and never in my life i had done this shit, but did he have to do that? :(( im so hurt.
I know i acted like a psycho. I went there knowing the aftermath but why he couldnt tell me he won't open the door? Why he didn't give a warning?


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  • If I were him , I would have done the same thing. He wants nothing to do with you but you kept on pushing. There might be a backstory untold but you did go too far.

    • I know that... I feel shit 😔😞😞

    • Keep your emotions in check , next time it happens it could be a lot worse than just the security taking you away.

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  • You are what is known as the psycho bitch.

  • Let's face it. You were acting like a psycho, that's why he did it. I would react the same way.

  • Yeah, he did, because you wouldn't go away, because you're psychotic.

    • I lost it. I couldnt control my emotions 😞😞😞 but i wouldn't do something like calling a security to someone i know, no matter what it is.

    • Apparently he didn't care what you'd do. He wanted results.

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