How should I handle our break-up?

So my current boyfriend who recently had been mistreating me, suddenly tells me he just wants to be friends after 5 months of dating. He also adds, that he wants to still be friends and still likes me a little..

Should I try to talk to him still or completely move on?

i should clarify..mistreating meaning ignoring me, cussing me out for no reason, saying rude comments, constantly being jealous and saying I'm cheating on him, and trying to tell other guys that they can have me because he doesn't care.


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  • I guess I’m going to update my comment, because of knowing how he mistreated you. First off that’s all emotional actions he was putting out towards you. In my opinion I don’t think anyone should treat people like that. It hurts the person, and in the long run it hurts the relationship, and the friendship you once had.

    Because in away a relationship is only a bigger part of a great friendship, and people these days I feel are moving too fast, and starting relationships before the friendship starts. Now I know there’s feelings involved when we like someone, but how do you recognize those feelings, and begin to understand if there actually genuine or not? And my advice with your question, is to move on, but also talk to him, and tell him how you feel, and if he’s still acting like he was, rather than being upfront, and apologizing, then why put yourself into the position where your get hurt again? Because at that point, a friendship wouldn’t work, because a friend doesn’t treat people like that either…. Well anyway hope things work out for you, and I’m glad your doing the right thing, and getting some advice. You seem to be a lot more mature than most :)

    Much Love


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  • In what why do you feel like he's mistreating you? Even without the answer, I do believe that any form of emotional, or physical mistreating does need some time to heal, and a form of a break. But also it's time to try to understand what has happened before so there isn't any problems if you decide to get back together or stay friends.

  • First off...what do you want to do? Do you still like him? Then continue being friends. If not then move on. Simply ask I like him, then wait 3 seconds and answer. If the answer is yes, continue, if not, then move on. I would say though you should consider the fact that he mistreated you.

  • If a guy starts to treat you bad he wants you to break up with him, he may have met someone else. If he wants to be friends he is like puting you on layby if the new girl doesn't work out or maybe will still hook up with you. If you are over him and don't see a future or want to hang around while he gets it together move on. Staying friends with the ex doesn't work, harder to get over him and move on and find someone else.

  • Eh, sounds like you already know the answer. Move on!

    Youre cute, I'm sure you'd have no trouble finding another guy :)


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